We provide hydraulic wear rings and backup rings available with standard and non-standard sizes
    1. Wear Ring, Type PFC-1
    2. Wear Ring, Type PFC-1 Hydraulic wear ring is used for preventing abrasion and damping mechanical vibrations.
    1. Wear Ring, Type PFC-2
    2. Wear Ring, Type PFC-2 High strength wear rings provide greater protection against wear.
    1. PTFE Backup Ring
    2. PTFE Backup Ring Backup rings provide additional extrusion resistance and prevent damage to O-Rings and seals.
    1. Custom
    2. Custom Our Company is capable of providing customized fabric reinforced Phenolic products ...
About Us
About Us Hydraulic seal replacement, Phenolic wear ring

Since its establishment in 2010, Kangyu Seals Technology Company has been manufacturing wear rings and backup rings for hydraulic and pneumatic pumps, cylinders and other types of machinery. We have 10 years of experience providing hydraulic seal products to the customers all over the world, which enables us to well understand customer needs: superior quality, affordable price, and fast delivery. For reaching these demands, Kangyu is the right place you should come.